Job Description

Manufacturing Engineer

Ref No: AM17266

County Westmeath, Republic of Ireland

Competitive salary

Manufacturing Engineer - County Westmeath.

Job Summary:
In this role you will work with the conception, design, development and installation of new products or production lines. Duties will include improving the production processes to become more cost-effective and efficient over time, resolving technical problems and selecting precision tools for different machines.

Core Accountabilities:

• Evaluating quality control processes and making recommendations for improvements
• Analysing and reporting on production processes, methods, schedules, downtime, cycle times, availability of machines and waste management
• Ensuring that the organisation’s manufacturing processes comply with relevant policies and government laws and regulations
• Reviewing and calculating the costs of the different tools and equipment in the production process and predicting the overheads in future production requirements
• Analysing and planning workflow, space requirements and equipment placement to maximise manufacturing efficiency
• Coordinating maintenance and repair services to keep production equipment operational
• Making sure that staff follow the manufacturer’s procedures and instructions while operating the equipment
• Overseeing the work of technicians and shop-floor personnel
• Establishing an effective work sequence

Skills and Experience sought for this role:
• Degree in an Engineering or Science discipline required.
• Working knowledge of:
o Electronics
o Electronic Assembly
o Laser welding systems
o Robotics, automation systems & dispense systems
o Validation lifecycle
o Six Sigma problem solving

• People Supervision an advantage (not essential).
• The ability to work well under severe pressure
• Strong leadership and communications skills
• The ability to work with diverse teams
• Outstanding problem-solving skills
• Excellent information technology skills in specific software packages, including computer-aided modelling and design software
• In-depth knowledge of manufacturing production and processes
• Knowledge of engineering science and knowledge
• Knowledge of equipment for installation and repairs


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