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Environmental, Health & Safety Manager-County Cork

Ref No: AM17992

County Cork, Republic of Ireland

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Environmental, Health & Safety Manager - County Cork.


• Implementing and supporting the Environmental, Health and Safety Management system in the plant. Ensuring all operations are in compliance with all the legislation to domestic and European regulations.

• Co-ordinate EHS activities in the facility to ensure continued compliance to environmental, health and safety management system.
• Work closely with the Management Team to set EHS objectives and targets. Continually review Environmental, Health & Safety Policies and Safety Statement with a view to supporting & recommending to the company revisions/amendments as appropriate.
• Manage the risk assessment review process and support team leaders to develop improvement programs to reduce risks. Conduct accident investigations and recommending appropriate actions.
• Monitoring adherence to the stated policy through the conduct of Safety Audits and inspections as appropriate with a view to improving the overall standard and quality of the safety system.
• Develop accident reduction and prevention programmes, which ensure compliance with the continuous improvement element of the H&S policy.
• Design, plan, conduct and/or co-ordinate appropriate Environmental, Health and Safety training programs in line with existing training function.
• Guiding the implementation of safety policy through awareness and implementation of good management safety practices
• Monitor EHS performance and feedback information to Management and Environmental Committee and Safety Committee through regular meetings.
• Manage aspect and impact register, setting environmental objectives, targets and programmes.
• Ensure compliance with in-house procedures, corporate procedures and legislation for both Environmental and Health and Safety.
• Review Emergency Response procedures and organize fire evacuations.
• Work with the HR Team to develop innovative methods to reduce the cost of legal claims and insurance and also prepare appropriate documentation as is necessary in defence of any legal claim.
• Work closely with the Manufacturing Engineering Team to ensure that new design and line changes are compliant with H&S requirements
• Prepare and present end of quarter results to Management Team
• Take the role of Environmental and Safety Committee chairperson and guide the actions of the group.
• Complete contractor initial induction programme for all new contractors working on site.
• Work with the training department to ensure co-ordination & compliance of safety training conducted within the plant.
• Co-ordinate corporate requirements with regard to Health and Safety and reporting structures and policies.
• Liaise with all operational management with regard to the production of SOP's to cover all safety requirements.

• Assure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements

Health & Safety:
• Ensure compliance with Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations.

Interested applicants should have a Diploma/Degree in Health and Safety or Environmental Science with at least three to four years' relevant experience.

Interested candidates must be capable of developing the environmental, health and safety role within the existing management structure & driving change processes.


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