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Health & Safety Manager - County Cavan

Ref No: AM18282

County Cavan, Republic of Ireland

Competitive salary

Health & Safety Manager - County Cavan.

Our client seeks a competent Health & Safety Manager to work with the site management team in the co-ordination, development, and ongoing implementation of the Risk Management System (RMS) to identify, eliminate, reduce, and control hazards to people, process, and property.
The HSM will report to the Manufacturing Director and regularly report and give an update on performance against H&S metrics and KPI’s, and drive the ongoing RMS development, application, and compliance as an integral part of daily site operations and unit management team responsibilities.

The role of the HSM will be to lead the health & safety department and support the site operational management and supervisory team in the identification, elimination, reduction, and control of hazards to people, process, and property by maintaining, developing & giving technical, legislative & best practice guidance to enable the RMS application at front line level within each department on site.

As HSM, you will be responsible for facilitating compliance with health & safety & welfare legislation and guidelines. Keep up to date on regulatory health and safety standards and changes, interpret these, update and advise the management team on compliance requirements to develop and progress health and safety strategies, policies, and procedures with training on site. Your main goal will be to support, advise and work with the site operational management team in ensuring a safe work environment with safe practices and the prevention of accidents, injuries and losses to employees, property, and process.

In this role the completion and review of, in conjunction with the Operations Manager and unit management teams, the interaction with employee safety representative’, risk assessments, SOP’s, training, pre-start inspections, accident, near miss investigation and case management, emergency preparedness, training, PPE compliance and contractor control, team briefs and behaviour based safety compliance will be carried out with, and in support of the area unit managers, shift managers, supervisors and engineering personnel and will form a key aspect of your responsibilities within the plant.

Key Duties and responsibilities:

Be aware of current and new H&S legislation, COP’s, standards, and guidelines and refer to these where required in the RMS and within risk assessments & SOP’s.
Maintaining, developing, communicating, and enforcing RMS related policies, procedures, and forms
Work with and support site departmental teams (operations manager, unit managers, shift managers & supervisors) in the update of, execution and compliance with RMS requirements.

Health and safety and welfare policy
Health & safety & welfare committee & employee safety representatives management review
Risk assessment update & compliance
Pre-start planned inspection completion & corrective action
Standard operating & standard work procedures update & compliance

Accident & near miss investigation & close out
Accident root cause analysis and accident frequency ratio calculation

Case management & liaising with insurer

Emergency response preparation, training, and drills

Permit to work procedures, forms, and compliance
Training administration & delivery. Work with HR to induct and train new employees on site and process safety requirements & rules
PPE issue, use and compliance
Occupational health hazard identification, measurement & control

Communications & team briefs
Contractor control (induction, insurance, training)

Workplace and work-related transport risk assessment and control
Behavior based safety (BBS) compliance acknowledgement & discipline follow-up

Provide weekly report regarding RMS development, practice, and compliance with advice on necessary controls to reduce and eliminate safety risks and non-compliance issues.
Attend management daily/weekly review meetings (DRM’s) on a weekly basis to give an update on site risk management control including risk assessment review & update, planned inspection completion, accidents & near misses with completion of investigation reports, root cause analysis & corrective actions, immediate work environment hazard issues to be addressed, training, behavior-based safety, health & safety compliance requirements and compliance issues from weekly report.
Work with training department and department managers in training for induction, risk assessments & SOPs, health & safety requirements & other statutory required training to all operators with verification of competence to L1 & L2 stage-training and records of this training maintained.
Work with project management and optimization team (LEAN) to ensure active change management with risk assessment of new machines, new lines and processes, the change of existing lines & process layouts and process optimization work to ensure a safe work environment is delivered and maintained for people, process, property, and the work environment
Work with production managers & supervisors to acknowledge and monitor compliance with safe work practices and procedures to ensure all the employees & the work environment are operating in adherence with H&S&W rules and regulations
Ensure accident & near miss investigation procedures are followed and completed in full by unit managers, shift managers and supervisors in a timely manner with root cause analysis to identify key causations and that required corrective actions are closed out by the responsible managers, with records and incident details maintained in the case management file.
Liaise with commercial & regulatory bodies d report accidents with >3-day lost time or dangerous occurrences to the H.S.A. and record details of and report all site accidents to the site’s insurer & group. Ensure recommendations and guidelines from audits by statutory and commercial bodies are addressed in a timely manner, are fully complied with and corrective action status reports sent to key contact person within the statutory or commercial organization.
Ensure that emergency preparedness and fire safety procedures are reviewed, with proactive drills delivered and coordinated with the operational management team throughout the site
Set up regular unscheduled audits on site, to involve both HSM team and various personnel from the operational management team.
Enforce safety policies by identifying breaches through behavior-based safety audits and report same to the Manufacturing Director, Operations Manager and HR Manager.

Qualifications & Requirements for this role:
BSc/Diploma in environmental health & safety, food science, engineering, or related discipline. Experience in a HSM role or similar position within a FMG work environment.
Strong process knowledge background with several years H&S management experience.
Knowledge of H&S&W regulations, guidelines, COP’s, and best practices.
Working knowledge and ability to operate, maintain, and develop a site risk management system with experience in writing policies and procedures for health and safety and welfare.
Ability to identify risks and prioritize tasks with site operational management team & facilitate effective corrective action decision making.
Good interpersonal and influencing skills, with the ability to establish effective professional relationships with employees, supervisors, shift managers and unit managers, operations manager to coach and move them forward with H&S&W changes improvements, and compliance requirements.
Collaborative and pragmatic in implementing change.
Be able to challenge the views of others and the status quo in a constructive and convincing manner.
Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics
Good time-management, organized, energetic, self-motivated with good problem-solving skills.

Proficient in MS Office - PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, and Safety Management Software
Demonstrate the ability to work on your own initiative

A high level of attention to detail and accuracy.


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