Job Description

Senior Electronic Design Engineer - South Dublin.

Ref No: DT18163x

County Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Competitive salary

Senior Electronic Design Engineer - South Dublin.

Job overview:

As Senior Electronic Design Engineer, you will guide the embedded hardware and software design. Your responsibilities will stretch from blank page concepts to mass production realities, on every PCB and line of embedded code along the way. You’ll be the go-to expert, not just for the R&D team, but for the entire company when it comes to all things embedded.

Core aspects of role:
• Craft robust PCB's and embedded software that form the brains of the products.
• Evolve the existing platforms with updates and upgrades, responding to various needs.
• Mentor junior engineers, sharing your wealth of knowledge.
• Collaborate across disciplines, working with mechanical and industrial designers to create holistic solutions. 
• Use or develop competence in thermodynamic or fluid dynamic concepts (or any other) that enable the best development of  control strategies.
• Build hypotheses, design and run experiments, draw conclusions. 
• Be part of the team, share your expertise and insights wherever it can help.

What We’re Looking For:
• A proven track record in designing hardware and software for embedded systems.

• A broad, practical knowledge of electronics and electrical systems that goes beyond textbook theories.
• Fluency in embedded C (if you know Assembly or other languages that’s a bonus but not necessary).
• The ability to read schematics and quickly understand how the circuit works. You would be expected to be able to perform accurate “Back of a napkin” or notepad calculations.
• Proficiency with the tools of the trade: multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, soldering irons etc.
• Experience in integrating a wide array of IO, from thermistors to load cells, displays, pumps, high voltage and low voltage components.
• Experience bringing designs from concept through prototyping to mass production.
• A curious mind that’s always asking “why?” and “what if?”.  Be able to understand the problem first, and then conceive the solution.
• Someone who get’s a kick out of learning new things, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.
• The drive to pursue excellence in design, going beyond “it works” to “it works brilliantly”.


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