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Production Planner - North Dublin

Ref No: AM17513

Co. Dublin, Ireland

Competitive salary

Production Planner - North Dublin.

In this role you will ensure that the supply of raw materials and production and haulage capacity across the plant is in line with the demand from customers whilst minimising lead times and cost.

This will be achieved by translating the forecast into achievable production lots, analysing demand trends at SKU and geographical level, and planning accordingly raw material requirements, production capacity, line speeds, manning levels and logistics capabilities.

Core responsibilities:

To ensure accuracy of forecasted demand by liaison with Sales and Marketing on product and brand trend and future promotion.
To be accountable for the demand placed on Manufacturing and Purchasing by the planning system (MPS and MRP).
To highlight any data inaccuracy to the accountable department and ensure correction to the demand.
To advise Customer Service on planned fulfilment of volume orders.
To advise Manufacturing and Purchasing on changes to the MPS and MRP plan due to changes in requirements surfacing between system generations.
Advise management on resource and capacity constraints and suggest possible solutions.
To provide Finance with predicted planned revenue against company budget.
To advise Customer Service of any expected order failures due to Manufacturing, Purchasing, plant, quality or data failures.
To co-ordinate company policies and directives regarding Manufacturing and Purchasing with regard to system
Data- i.e. inventory reduction, lead-time reduction etc.
To provide a development and training plan for staff

Interested applicants should have:

Experience in supply chain management and/or production planning using S&OP processes.
Highly structured and analytical mind with rigour and attention to detail.
Good team worker engaging others to achieve the best for the business and for customers

Ability to work in a fast-changing environment
Expertise in statistical analysis of demand patterns, management of supply (demand forecasting, calculating raw material safety stock levels and reorder points, ABC/XYZ analysis, optimisation of run length)
Computer literate
Excellent attention to detail


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